Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2018 Runway


Written by Aini Jonathan Simkhai tries to make women feel beautiful through his ethereal, romantic and street-chic clothing that he unleash in ready-to-wear collection. Jonathan Simkhai spring collection is a surprised for those feeling tired looking the same kind of athletic silhouettes. Airy and fresh are perfect word to define RTW collection.

Every silhouette reflects ingenious balance between street vibe and sporty romance. Comfy and stylish ensemble design in fine fabric and soft color palette like grey, pale blue and also add some black pieces to line-up stand out collection for the season.

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2018 Runway

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Jonathan Simkhai

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Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2018 Runway

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Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2018 Runway

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Reebok Introduces New Spring/Summer ’18 Styles During Fashion Week

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Jonathan Simkhai

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Jonathan Simkhai ‘Airy’ and ‘Sporty’ Spring 2018 RTW Collection

Jonathan Simkhai Spring Summer 2018 Womens Fashion Show

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New York Fashion Week 2018: Highlights from the front row, runway and parties

The Best Beauty Looks From New York Fashion Week

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The Beauty Looks You Need to See from NYFW's Spring 2018 Runways

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Jonathan Simkhai

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Spring 2018 Runway Fashion Trend – Cutouts

  1. Every appealing and comfortable trench coat make statement look with striped hanky hem dress and lace-up heels.
  2. Boat neck and short sleeve details give enchanting appeal.
  3. Denim trench coat is enchanting pieces in Simkhai spring collection which grabs first row audience attention.
  4. Boat neck and short sleeve details give enchanting appeal.

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Spring/ Summer 2018 Collections Reviews PART 4

The Best Beauty Looks From New York Fashion Week

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Every Single Natural Hair Moment Spotted On The NYFW Spring/Summer 2018 Runways

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Every Single Natural Hair Moment Spotted On The NYFW Spring/Summer 2018 Runways

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Love this look? Get more styling ideas

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Jonathan Simkhai

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