Rihanna Took Her Finale Bow on the Back of a Motocross Bike at Her Fenty x Puma Spring 2018 Runway Show


New York Fashion Week has returned to the city for more than a week of runway shows, presentations and beyond. The twice-annual fashion event runs through Sept. Keep checking back for real-time updates from New York Fashion Week. The collection was inspired by Aimee Crocker , an explorer known for her somewhat eccentric passions that included pearls, snakes, lovers, tattoos and Buddhism yeah, we had to look her up and for her extravagant parties.

Rihanna Took Her Finale Bow on the Back of a Motocross Bike at Her Fenty x Puma Spring 2018 Runway Show

Alexander Wang got dragged so bad. Of course Rihanna won. For some people it may come naturally, but those folks are rare, and even then it requires a certain amount of attention.

Rihanna Fenty x Puma Fashion Show Spring 2018 Collection Livestream Highlights

Rihanna Took Her Finale Bow on the Back of a Motocross Bike at Her Fenty x Puma Spring 2018 Runway Show

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Rihanna Took Her Finale Bow on the Back of a Motocross Bike at Her Fenty x Puma Spring 2018 Runway Show

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New York Fashion Week show reviews for spring/summer 2018 collections

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Rihanna's Fenty Puma Show was Motocross Mania

Pink sand dunes! Motocross stunts! And Fenty swimwear!

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The Spectacle of RihannaТs Fenty x Puma Show at New York Fashion Week

FENTY xPUMA by RIHANNA Show Spring Summer 2018 New York - Fashion Channel

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NY Fenty Week Continues TONIGHT with Fenty x Puma (9pm EST)

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Motocross meets the beach in Fenty Puma by Rihanna's return to New York Fashion Week

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RihannaТs Fenty x Puma NYFW Show: Pink Sand Dunes, Motocross Stunts & High-Heel Flip Flops

  1. Reese went for a luscious color palette -- joyful shades of marigold, grassy green, and fuchsia along with some iridescent sparkle.
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  3. Her "Botswana-be" gals have a reckless attitude, throwing on a traditional safari jacket but cinching it down past the shoulders, or crafting another out of white lace.
  4. Women of every shape and size all over the world can wear her clothes.
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New York Fashion Week show reviews for spring/summer 2018 collections

Rihanna Finishes Her Fenty x Puma Fashion Show on a Dirt Bike

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Rihanna and the Fashion X Games

Angst About Paris at New York Fashion Week

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Rihanna Leaves Fashion Week in Her Dust: See the Star Finish the Fenty x Puma Show on a Dirt Bike

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Pink sand dunes! Motocross stunts! And Fenty swimwear!

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Michael Kors

Angst About Paris at New York Fashion Week


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Pink sand dunes! Motocross stunts! And Fenty swimwear!

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Supersize your style in a hoodie by Fenty x Puma

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Angst About Paris at New York Fashion Week

Rihanna's Fenty Show Was Motocross Mania

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