SAG Awards: 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards Red Carpet


To get their point across, not only did the show exclusively have female presenters to dole out all 13 awards, but they also had Kristen Bell serve as its first ever host of a show that has traditionally not felt the need for one. The show opened with actresses recounting their childhood dreams of being stars and all the hard work they put in to get to their tables at the Shrine Auditorium.

Bell then reminded the crowd that Hollywood had a lot of hard work to do, but change was coming. Best One-Line Political Commentary:

SAG Awards: 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards Red Carpet

But not all of the stars who gambled with their style for the night actually won big. Her pink Valentino gown was way over the top with tons of tiny black hearts, tiered frills, a lace high neckline and big bow around the waist. This look was just baah-baah-bad. Slightly different hues of forest green came together seamlessly to create an angular pattern on the unique frock.

Orange is the New Black Cast: Red Carpet Interview

All the Glitz and Glamour From the 2018 SAG Awards Red Carpet

But, not all of the stars who gambled with their style for the night actually won big. Her pink Valentino gown was way over the top with tons of tiny black hearts, tiered frills, a lace high-neckline and big bow around the waist. This look was just baah-baah-bad. Slightly different hues of forest green came together seamlessly to create a angular pattern on the unique frock.


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All the Glitz and Glamour From the 2018 SAG Awards Red Carpet

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SAG Awards 2018 Red Carpet Photos: Best & Must-See Pictures

Best & Worst Dressed SAG Awards 2018 (Dirty Laundry)

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Screen Actors Guild Awards 2018: The winners' list

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2018 SAG Awards Red Carpet



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SAG Awards 2018: The cutest couples on the red carpet
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2018 SAG Awards Red Carpet

  • The History Making Award, Part 2:
  • She was not in attendance, for good reason and presenters Connie Britton and Mandy Moore accepted the award on her behalf and sent Louis-Dreyfus their love.
  • Rather than looking busy, the right choice of statement rings combined with a gem-like clutch seamlessly blended together.
  • Her soft pink J.
  • Click on to check them out.
  • But, it does make us want a closer look.
  • Mendel gown with a fitted corset bodice, subtly outlined in a purple hue.

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SAG Awards 2018 Recap: Winners, Powerful Moments and More Updates

2018 SAG Awards: Red carpet arrivals

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SAG Awards 2018 red carpet

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Kristen Bell

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Stars sparkle on red carpet at Screen Actors Guild Awards

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Maria Dolores Dieguez and Joseph Fiennes

SAG Awards 2018: Red carpet arrivals

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Screen Actors Guild Awards 2018: A Recap of The Best, Funniest, and Most Political Moments

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SAG Awards 2018: All the Red Carpet Arrivals (Photos)


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