Summing up: the best images of urban fashionistas 2019


We asked these talented women to tell us what is on their minds about design, their careers, and what they do here in the city. Why is design important to you? I always had the mentality that I wanted to be an owner of a business or a designer of a fashion brand, so I spent a lot of time coming up with designs for clothing and logos for my business I wanted to run.

My actual first logo design was printed on a refrigerated truck for our family business called the Louisiana Cajun Restaurant.

Summing up: the best images of urban fashionistas 2019

The art of modernizing your wardrobe each season is a misconception, however it is often essential that you purchase a few items to reinvent existing styles you already own. We take a look at a selection of designers who featured layering as an integral part of their collection for Spring Summer Since then their runway has showcased only the finest understated and very wearable smart, relaxed apparel to date.

Throughout the Spring Summer 14 collection a modern twist was given to the heritage trend- a juxtaposition of textures and layering was present in leather jackets, tees, whimsical floral prints and wool mix garments.

Urban Fashionista

Collection Michael Kors Resort: fur accessories and fur coat

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We see it all the time in the vintage Hollywood movies where the woman is in a long evening gown, bare shoulders and back, adorned with jewellery and flaunting long locks. As times have changed, this traditional image has all but faded into the annals of glamour showcases. These instances you can find the same kind of classical beauty on the red carpet and at special events such as weddings and ceremonies.

However, one thing that has changed in culture is that women are now much more mobile. They can work full time and still try to raise a family.

Collection Michael Kors Resort: fur accessories and fur coat

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Michael Kors Resort 2016 Collection

fashionable ideas in retro style 2019

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fashionable ideas in retro style 2019

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New Interior Decoration Trends 2019

Fashion prints on coat 2019

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Fashion prints on coat 2019

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DAILY MAIL COMMENT: An impressive start... now for the hard work

Spring Fashion

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Styling For The Rough, Rugged And Ready Woman


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