Best (and Worst!) Beauty Looks From the 2018 Grammys


Grammys worst dressed: Lana Del Rey, Cardi B and Jayden Smith lead the celebs who miss the mark with their red carpet fashion fails At the biggest music awards bash of the season kickstarts tonight in New York City, a string of celebs felt the sting of missing the mark By Tilly Pearce 28th January , Rapper Cardi B led the celebs whose eccentric fashion options proved to be divisive, with a puffy white outfit smothering her tiny frame.

Getty - Contributor Cardi B wore a pure white outfit to match her white rose emblem The star, whose hair was swept up, was covered in frills for the outfit which was comprised of a short skirt but floor-length train at the back. A sheer panel down the front of the dress showed off her cleavage, with the opaque panels of the dress fanning outwards into a large shoulder pads.

Best (and Worst!) Beauty Looks From the 2018 Grammys

The" Havana" singer wore a form-fitting red silk gown by Vivienne Westwood. However this strapless dress looked as though it was held up by magic. In fact I might not recommend wearing a red dress on the red carpet, but this crisp dress was a stand out. While bright I advocate that every girl wear a brilliant red dress at less once, red is the color of passion, strength and love.

Best & Worst Dressed Grammys 2018 (Dirty Laundry)

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The Best, Worst and Weirdest Beauty Looks From the 2018 Grammys

But while some hit the sartorial nail on the head - others totally miss the mark with their over-the-top ensembles, and far-out fashion statements. Scroll down for video A bit too risque: Pink looked like a walking feather duster in her pink, blue, purple, and black gown Knot cool: After walking the red carpet in what appeared to be a lengthy black gown, and then performing at the awards, Lady Gaga reappeared without her long skirt, wearing nothing but a see-through lace body stocking and a bizarre hat Stand-out style:


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The Best, Worst and Weirdest Beauty Looks From the 2018 Grammys

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Who is Alessia Cara? The 2018 Grammys winner revealed

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See The Most Flawless Hair And Makeup Looks From The 2018 Grammys

2018 Grammy Awards Best Beauty Looks From The Red Carpet

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The Worst Red Carpet Looks at the 2018 Grammys That You Have to See

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GRAMMYs 2018: Best of beauty

And for the worst dressed at the 2018 SAG Awards:


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The Best & Worst Looks At The 60th Annual Grammy Awards
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These Are the Top 10 Beauty Looks From the 2018 Grammy Awards, Ranked

  • Coco Austin, known for accentuating all her curves, arrived on the red carpet alongside rapper husband Ice-T for a night on the tiles — but failed to impress in a bizarre black dress.
  • Moreover Hollywood glamour is a personal favorite.
  • When trying to incarnate this dress go first for the color and second for the fit.
  • And how does it work?
  • Posing on the carpet, the celebrity offspring wrote the word "Syre" on his hand, and covered his mouth to make sure the moniker was on display.
  • Since we have all seen a black suit , this one is made exceptional by the floral embellishments, creating a flourish of color.
  • Getty Images - Getty Lana Del Rey oped for a hippy angel chic with a flowing cream dress and a halo of stars Reuters Lana struck a pose as she arrived on the red carpet at Madison Square Garden Jayden Smith looked ragged in a mish-mash of colours and styles including a long dinner coat and patchwork denim jeans.

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The best and the worst looks at last night’s Critics’ Choice Awards

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Lorde sewed a poem by feminist artist Jenny Holzer to the back of her 2018 Grammys dress

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The Best (and Worst!) Beauty Looks From the 2018 Grammys

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2018 Grammys: Best and worst looks of the red carpet …

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