Curtain Bangs a la Brigitte Bardot Are Making a Comeback


Paris, France The Cut: It essentially offers a 2-in-1 cut without the maintenance of a full fringe. That is, soft layering that allows your natural texture to air-dry perfectly slaving over your hair is so not French and, of course, effortlessly-windswept, long bangs.

Think of him as the Jen Atkin of the City of Light. As of late, the chicest women in his legendary salon rock eye-skimming bangs that are feathery, polished, and effortless — all at the same time.

Curtain Bangs a la Brigitte Bardot Are Making a Comeback

It certainly bewitched us! This is definitely one of the most beautiful and most adorable styles we have seen lately. Therefore, if you want to try something rather unexpected, a sweetheart braid is a great choice.

How To Create Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs a la Brigitte Bardot Are Making a Comeback

Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair Naturally Textured Style To create a gorgeous naturally textured style on short and thin hair, all you need to do is wash, rough blow-dry, spritz with sea salt spray and scrunch. Short Messy Spikes If you rock a pixie cut, short messy spikes are a style worth trying.

Swept-Back Hairstyle A swept-back hairstyle looks fashionable and keeps thin hair from sitting flat. Just blow-dry with a round brush and run a straightener through for a stylishly sleek look.


From the timeless all-natural and highly textured hairstyles to extravagant braids, updos and twists, the hairstyles show immense inventiveness when it comes to the ways they were presented on the runway. In the new season, lots of importance is given to natural hair tones, while all those stylish hair highlights and lowlights retreat for a while. The fans of the blonde hair colors can opt for honey ash blonde, strawberry blonde , platinum blonde, golden blonde or any other blonde hair tone, while those loving the mixture of the blonde with brown accents can try the stylish reddish golden brown, light ash brown, chestnut brown hues and other variations of the classic brown hair tone.

To add warmth to your overall appearance try your favorite shade of the auburn and red hair tones, while black hair color alternatives are the best ways of looking mysterious and classy, if they surely match your skin tone and eye color.

Curtain Bangs a la Brigitte Bardot Are Making a Comeback

Comment French actor and war hero Jean Gabin — was one of the greatest stars of the European cinema. After the war Gabin was reborn as a tough anti-hero, set in his beliefs, feared and respected by all, the Godfather of French cinema. French postcard by Editions P. Jean worked as a laborer, but from an early age, entertainment was in his blood.

He then appeared in revues and operettas, singing and dancing, and becoming famous for his imitation of Maurice Chevalier.

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The New Year is here and with it comes of a clean slate. What is it about a new year that prompts us to be a little bit bolder and try a little bit harder to be a better version of ourselves? About five years ago I realized that resolution was the only one I really needed. As a married, working mom of two, I had somehow lost my boldness.

The extraordinary life of Josephine Baker Josephine Baker Last week, as I was discussing our European summer travels with a girlfriend, she asked: We covered so much ground, saw so many people, had so many adventures She survived the racial riots but they made a strong impression on her.

So, what can we learn from the beauty trends of the past? Could techniques dating from 30, 40 or even years ago be the secret to fuller lips, contoured cheeks and long, fluttering eyelashes? With the help of celebrity make-up artist Oonagh Connor and vintage hair stylist Natasha Hall, I took a walk down memory lane —with surprising and, at times, strangely familiar results.

Women wore minimal make-up:

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Wispy fringe bangs

The name refers to the sweet shape made by a wide forehead, strong cheekbones and a pointed chin. Side Swept Blunt Bangs Reese Witherspoon is famous for her perfectly heart-shaped face and she most definitely knows how to rock it. All of her hairstyles are flawless and this is no exception. Her soft, side-swept bangs make her eyes look amazing while drawing attention away from her chin.

Hair Care Posted By: Thursday, March 10, , I was devastated when my happening bob-cut transformed into a fussy hair triangle after a single wash. Blame goes to none but my bad-hair choices. The grass always appears to be greener on the other side, although my mistakes have informed me everything.

Peter Carlson October 24, Hoping to cheer up the onetime sex symbol, who had been lovesick and depressed for weeks, they ordered not one but three birthday cakes—one chocolate, one lemon, one strawberry—each decorated, according to her wishes, with a single candle.

But Bardot never tasted the cakes. Tropez hideaway, Bardot took a handful of sleeping pills or tranquilizers, washed them down with red wine and then, according to unconfirmed press reports, wandered out to the beach, where she was later pulled from the surf.

From the Archives: Pigtails A La Brigitte Bardot

How To Cut Fringe Bangs *Demo* Brigitte Bardot 60's Style!

2008: Stick Straight Hair

The Ultimate Hairstyle Trends For in three words. Time to break a sweat to lose all the holiday food-munching, time to quit that job you hate to pursue your passion, time to spend quality time with the people you love, time to save money and cut on expenses. These are all bold steps, and we all have one or two that we want to accomplish this year.

A sex symbol can be neither, though our favorites are both. The women on this list inflamed the lusts of entire generations. Many of them changed the cultural history of sex itself. Expect more fun next week, when we get intimate with Paul Newman and forty-nine other male sex symbols; in the meantime, read on.

Cameron Diaz An accomplished goofball, Cameron Diaz fits snugly between the "dippy blonde" and "flirtatious spitfire" tropes that define most sex symbols.

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New Hair, New You: 7 Ways To Be Bolder This Year

Women's 60s looks

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2006: Brilliant Brunette Style


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A Blonde Blunt Bob with Blunt Bangs

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Curtain Bangs a la Brigitte Bardot Are Making a Comeback

  • Click on the British flag and the song starts playing while you browse the site.
  • This is very much a good thing because it balances out her strong jawline.
  • Her face is flawless and well deserving of a flaunt, but this look is hard to pull off, even for her.
  • Women wore minimal make-up:
  • Square-shaped faces will look great best with softer curls like the body wave or loose wave to soften the angular jawline.
  • The trick is to tease the middle to add volume and structure.

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Brigitte bardot kapsel

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Wispy fringe bangs

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Long haircuts


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2008: Stick Straight Hair


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