Fired British Vogue Editor Drags Vogue and the Fashion Industry at Large


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Fired British Vogue Editor Drags Vogue and the Fashion Industry at Large

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Alexa Chung Feminism in the Fashion Industry

Fired British Vogue Editor Drags Vogue and the Fashion Industry at Large

I knew it was cheesy when I was doing it. I told her I wanted to write a letter to my colleagues to tell them that Edward decided to let me go. And to say how proud I am to have worked at Vogue for as long as I did.


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Fired British Vogue Editor Drags Vogue and the Fashion Industry at Large

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Fired Vogue director calls out brutality of fashion industry

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Fired 'British Vogue' Editor Lashes Out At Fashion Magazines, Business

Alexa Chung Uncovers Fashion Industry Secrets

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Lee suffers from delusional grandeur, and this song is the result of Stewart Lee observing the meteoric rise in popularity of russell brand, whilst he sits on the sidelines wondering "why him and not me. Explains why you should laugh. Then accuses you of not having a sense of humour.

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There is so much to praise in the originality of ideas and quality of writing contained in the shortlisted entries. It has been such an enjoyable experience, diving into the different worlds evoked in this collection of stories: Choosing three finalists from the shortlist has been extremely hard, but three stories particularly stood out for me and chose their places in my mind and heart.

Lucinda Chambers, Fired Vogue Director, Gives Fashion Industry a Kicking

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How to Run a Fashion Business with Alexa Chung

The place and time were so strange—there among delicate furniture and all the trappings of a high civilisation, looking out over the primeval wilds. Savage beasts roamed a mile off in that untamed heart of the continent. The most sophisticated members of the company felt the glamour of the unknown around them.

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The Vogue Editor Who Bit the Hand That Fed Her. Hard.

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Lucinda Chambers, Fired Vogue Director, Gives Fashion Industry a Kicking

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