Get Your Glow On: The Best Bronzers for Every Skin Tone


These ingredients serve as an astringent. Astringents are solutions that work to constrict body tissues. A common misconception is that witch hazel will work to shrink your pores. Instead the astringent property of witch hazel and alcohol will help to reduce inflammation and redness on the surface of your skin — a common issue that many men with oily skin often deal with.

Secondly, toners also include ingredients that will help to balance the oil on your skin.

Get Your Glow On: The Best Bronzers for Every Skin Tone

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer is believed to prepare the skin for flawless makeup application alongside protecting, nourishing and hydrating the skin. Unlike all the other priers on the list Hourglass Primer provides an additional sun screen protection. It is a light weight formula with SPF 15 that glides on scars and makes the application easy on an acne prone skin.

Zinc Oxide is the main component of this primer which is a moisturizing agent and protects skin from sun damage.

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Get Your Glow On: Bronzers to Suit Every Skin Tone

Almost all of us are now familiar with bronzers, although some are yet to try out one or still really confused about whether they can pull it off! Bronzing powder can do wonders for your makeup but only if you can use them correctly! Bronzers are available in various forms such as bronzing pearls, compact, pressed powder, liquid etc.


The silicone emollient leaves skin soft and supple. Some experience an improvement in the appearance and texture of their skin as the result of the silicone. As with most bronzers, this product becomes more effective after acquiring a base tan. Bronzer X means you get darker more quickly. Many report Solid Black Bronzer to be the best product for them because results are quick, even after one use.

Get Your Glow On: Bronzers to Suit Every Skin Tone

Niesha in Reviews May 16, Bronzers are great to add that sun kissed glow on the face. Are you thinking of trying a new bronzer then this post can be quite helpful. A bronzing powder has a deep dark color that should be a few shades darker than your skin complexion. Bronzers are generally shimmer as the matte ones and called as contouring powers that we see in the face contour kits.

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Fair skin tones

The products presented in this list were carefully chosen based on their active ingredients, performance, and our overall impression. We believe these products deserve a place in your beauty collection. Being fair-skinned has its ups and downs, but when it comes to makeup , things can get a little tricky.

You may wear a cotton swimsuit or underwear or just go nude for no tan lines, we provide a disposable panty for your convenience. Please do not use any oils or lotions on your skin the day of your tanning and shave before you come in for your tan. Wear loose fitting clothing to wear home after your treatment.

Product will not stain cotton but may stain silk undergarments if worn while the body is still damp.

Even though new lotions come out every year there are some really good ones from one, two and even three years ago that still top the charts in terms of how many people keep using them. One of the all-time best selling tanning lotions is Black 20x by Designer Skin.

It applies evenly, smells great and gives you a deep, dark tan within only a few sessions. Many swear by it and it shows by how many bottles are sold every day.

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Perhaps, some are thin and weak while others are big and strong. The same case applies to bronzers. Even though most of them can give you a natural glow, they have different enhancement levels. Like other makeup tools, bronzers are easy to use.

Tanning Technology at Malibu. Malibu believes in providing the very best technology at affordable prices. Every experience comes complete with user-friendly audio sound systems and oversize rooms, for your comfort. Malibu strives to provide a deep down tan by strictly adhering to its management driven lamp maintenance program.

How did we pick: After doing more than hours of intense research with our expert team and testing hundreds of drugstore bronzers, reading a lot of books written by dermatologies, researching different kinds of contouring techniques we have collected a lot of information about the bronzers. Not all the bronzers work in the same way and few bronzers can even damage your beauty levels.

To avoid this problem you need to invest in the best bronzer.

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20 Top Performing Primers for Acne Prone Skin

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Best Bronzers for Fair Skin

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Bronzers are necessary, they really help enhance the honey tones.

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Fair skin tones

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20 Best Primers for Acne Prone Skin Reviewed


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20 Top Performing Primers for Acne Prone Skin

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