Healthy Makeovers on Classic Latin Dishes


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Healthy Makeovers on Classic Latin Dishes

This title contains practical hints, tips and strategies—one for each day of the year—for keeping healthy eating and regular exercise at the top of your daily agenda. More than 60 simple, flavorful recipes for meals and snacks are included. Drawing on the unique flavors, history and culinary traditions from all corners of the U.

How To Make Spanish Paella

16 Healthy Makeovers on Classic Latin Dishes

Season 3 - Episode Sep 5, Swiss chard and ricotta pizza; spinach and feta pizza wheels; sugary cinnamon twists; Pizza Rock Las Vegas. September Morn Sep 4, A breakfast battle features croque madame and chocolate hazelnut ricotta crepe recipes; back-to-school crafts. Fourth of July Spectacular Jul 3, Independence Day-inspired recipes and crafts; grilled steak with charred corn and pepper salad; grilled watermelon with cinnamon toast; watermelon mojitos; patriotic centerpieces.


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16 Healthy Makeovers on Classic Latin Dishes

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16 Easy Chicken Recipes Under 325 Calories

Spaghetti Squash With Meatballs

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Comfort Food Makeovers

Cassava pizza crust ingredients

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Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

Top 10 Mexican Foods

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Smoothie bowl

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Easy Comfort Food: Cheesy Pastas, Casseroles + More

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37 Restaurants Where You Can Eat In Your Gym Clothes

How to Make It

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14 Vegetarian Dinner Recipes to Try Tonight

37 Restaurants Where You Can Eat In Your Gym Clothes

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Recipe Makeovers

Explore Everyday Health

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57 Healthy Recipe Makeovers

Leftover turkey recipes

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Explore Everyday Health


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Easy Comfort Food: Cheesy Pastas, Casseroles + More

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