J.W.Anderson Spring 2018 Runway


Here you will find velvet and feathers, leather and vinyl, polka dots with an unsinkable classic plaid and checkered print, and a romantic flounces and a very usable denim. A landmark trend is the gradual lengthening of dresses, because this season mini is presented not that massively as before, but midi and maxi dresses appear in all their glory.

Of course, this is a fabric for evening dresses, but over time designers have learned to make velvet more practical, adapting these dresses to casual style. The new fringe appears on knitted, gothic, evening and cocktail dresses, decorating both the hem of the skirt and the cuffs.

A very long fringe is in vogue as well.

J.W.Anderson Spring 2018 Runway

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J.W. Anderson

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J.W.Anderson Spring 2018 Runway

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J.W.Anderson Spring 2018 Runway

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TRENDY STREET STYLE IDEAS 2017 / 2018 – J.W.Anderson Spring 2017 RTW


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This Season Was The Most Diverse New York Fashion Week Yet

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J.W. Anderson womenswear

J.W. Anderson

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J.W. Anderson RTW Fall 2018

  • All of them make clothes more textured, voluminous, you want to touch and look at it.
  • Of course, this is a fabric for evening dresses, but over time designers have learned to make velvet more practical, adapting these dresses to casual style.
  • This is understandable, because the plaid is only a general definition for this print, which contains a lot of patterns, combinations and a variety of colors.
  • New dresses made of translucent fabrics, including a gentle tulle, become the real style challenge to the Fall-Winter season, which is habitual to the knitwear, fur and leather.
  • Modern knitwear are no less diverse than dresses from other fabrics.
  • We have already noted how popular one shaded or patterned dresses with long sleeves are.

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J.W. Anderson Reunites with Uniqlo for Spring/Summer 2017

J.W. Anderson Show-Women's collection Spring/Summer 2018 in Londres (with interview)

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J.W. Anderson RTW Spring 2018

2. Florals

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6 Key Spring Fashion Trends For 2018

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