11 Beauty Sleep Aids for When You Cant Sleep


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11 Beauty Sleep Aids for When You Cant Sleep

In sleep studies, researchers found that more than 15 million kids and teens get poor sleep. The teens who got poor sleep were more likely to have family fights and bad headaches. The problem with poor sleep is how you feel when you are awake -- usually cranky, sad, and moody. Teens who get poor sleep have problems getting along at home and at school.

How to Fall Asleep FAST! 20 Life Hacks for Sleep Everyone Should Know!!

11 Relaxing Beauty Products for When You Can’t Sleep

This is page 1 of 1 This thread has 11 messages. If you have medical concerns, please seek medical attention; if you think your problem could be acute, do so immediately. The alarm then goes off at 6. Seem to be stuck in a vicious circle.


I was prescribed sleeping medication long-term not a good idea and suffered greatly for it. If I was having trouble sleeping before, it was now impossible to achieve, unless I took my medication. The truth is, we lose touch with sleep more and more every day. Technology, stress, energy drinks, stress, readily prescribed medications, and did I mention stress?

11 Relaxing Beauty Products for When You Can’t Sleep

By Jennifer Soong From the WebMD Archives Many Americans suffer from insomnia and commonly turn to prescription medications and over-the-counter sleeping aids for relief. About one in four Americans report taking some type of medication every year to help them sleep. If you find yourself struggling after a few restless nights of sleep -- perhaps trouble falling asleep, repeated awakenings, or waking up feeling tired, you may decide to try over-the-counter sleeping pills or consult your doctor about prescription sleep medications.

But before you do, you should be aware of the different types of over-the-counter and prescription sleeping medications, potential side effects, safety concerns, and alternatives. Prescription Drugs The most common agent in over-the-counter sleeping aids is diphenhydramine, an antihistamine.

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If you toss and turn in your sleep, your mattress may be to blame. To remedy this, your brain sends signals that tell your body to roll over. A new mattress may be the solution. Look for one that promotes better blood flow for your body type and sleep style.

Is Your Insomnia Treatment Effective? Insomnia can leave you tired and spaced out during the day and, frustrated and stressed during the night. With the wealth of information available regarding sleep disorders more specifically, insomnia, and the best way to combat them, we decided it was time to write an in-depth analysis of what you want to look out for when buying an effective insomnia treatment supplement.

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Can’t Sleep? Spray This: The latest innovation in sleep aid comes in a spray application

How to Fall Asleep FAST When You CAN’T Sleep! 10 Sleep Life Hacks!

Can't sleep reason #2: sleeping disorders

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11 Natural Sleep Aids That Actually Work

8 Ezzz Sleep Tips for Teens

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Sleep & Wake Pathways

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Slideshow: Insomnia Myths and Facts

Is Your Insomnia Treatment Effective?

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How Is BELSOMRA Different?

Natural Sleep Aids: Dietary Supplements

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NEOM Nourish, Breathe & Sleep Hand Balm, £15

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Decleor Smoothing Night Balm, £40


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Can't sleep reason #2: sleeping disorders

How To Pick A Sleep Aid That Works

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OTC vs. Prescription Drugs

The 11 Kinds of Insomnia

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Insomnia Is Strictly Mental


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