2018 Critics Choice Awards Red Carpet


I have even more wishes for the red carpet at the Critics Choice Awards, which take place this Thursday January I am really excited to see which stars will stick around after the Golden Globe Awards, and what they will bring to the red carpet. Sometimes the Critics Choice Awards red carpet can be a little more laid back, but I am hoping that with its placement so close to the Globes, that we will see most of the stars who come into town for that stick around.

Caitriona Balfe is definitely a fan favorite for her performance in Outlander and it has earned her a Critics Choice nomination for Best Actress in a Drama Series.

2018 Critics Choice Awards Red Carpet

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10 BEST Moments From 2018 Critics' Choice Awards

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All the Colorful Red Carpet Looks From the 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards

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All the Colorful Red Carpet Looks From the 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards

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17 of our favorite red carpet looks from the Critics' Choice Awards

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2018 Critics' Choice Awards red carpet: See all the stars


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2018 Critics’ Choice Awards Red Carpet Photo Gallery

7 BEST Dressed Celebs At 2018 Critics' Choice Awards

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Critics Choice Awards 2018: red carpet

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17 of our favorite red carpet looks from the Critics' Choice Awards

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Red carpet style at the Critics' Choice Awards 2018

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Critics’ Choice Awards 2018 Red Carpet Fashion: What the Stars Wore

Critics’ Choice Awards 2018

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Critics Choice Awards 2018 ,Our Favorite red carpet Looks

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Diane Kruger & Norman Reedus’ First Red-Carpet Kiss at Critics' Choice Awards 2018

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Critics’ Choice Awards Arrivals

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2018 Critics' Choice Awards red carpet: See all the stars

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