23 Vegan Leather Jackets Even Chicer Than the Real Thing


Most people know that adopting a vegan lifestyle means forgoing meat and other animal products, but not everyone is aware that going TRULY vegan means cutting out every trace of animal cruelty from your life for good-including your closet. For this reason, true vegans turn away from leather in search of more ethical alternatives.

What Is Vegan Leather? Almost any wardrobe accessory can be made from pleather, including skirts, jackets, boots, handbags and more. Most vegan leather is made from synthetic materials that are formulated to have a similar texture to true leather, often making it almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

23 Vegan Leather Jackets Even Chicer Than the Real Thing

By Shan Li Feb 04, 5: With the help of science, new faux animal hides have arrived with an appropriately hip name: Advertisement Luxe brands such as Stella McCartney and Joseph Altuzarra have sent vegan leather jackets and bags with sky-high prices down the runway.

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23 Vegan Leather Jackets That Are Even Chicer Than the Real Thing

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23 Vegan Leather Jackets That Are Even Chicer Than the Real Thing

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What is a “Vegan Leather” Jacket?

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Explore Vegan Handbags, Leather Chain, and more!

Environment Impact Of Vegan Leather

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16 Faux Leather Jackets That Look Like The Real Deal

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Vegan leather, faux fur are hot holiday gifts

Explore Vegan Handbags, Leather Chain, and more!

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What the Heck is Vegan Leather?

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Vegan Shopping Challenge: A Vegan Friendly Winter Parka

23 Vegan Leather Jackets That Are Even Chicer Than the Real Thing

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Vegan purses

Vegan Leather


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23 Vegan Leather Jackets That Are Even Chicer Than the Real Thing

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Vegan leather, faux fur are hot holiday gifts

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Vegan purses


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