All the February 2018 Magazine Covers We Loved and Hated


Share Tweet Submit Pin What a year. While we brought you our picks for the Best Comics of , the Best Kids Comics of and the Best Artists of , we also wanted to steal a few column inches each to discuss our highs and lows for the year outside of ranked, balanced lists. This retrospective also serves as a bit of a farewell to longtime Paste editor and darling of a man Sean Edgar, who leaves us in January [Ed.: Before that baton is officially passed, check out what the two of them, as well as founding Paste Comics member Hillary Brown, had to say about this dreadful, delightful year in comics.

The downside of a list culled from a whole bunch of people is that it tends to flatten out the selections, which means you get more things that everyone kind of likes and not a whole lot of weird things that individuals totally love.

All the February 2018 Magazine Covers We Loved and Hated

How We Do It: Organizing our Work 13 February Work is not something I talk about often on Em for Marvelous, so hopefully this installment of How We Do It will be an interesting glimpse into another facet of my life, one which many of us have in common! To catch up any new folks:

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All the February 2018 Magazine Covers We Loved and Hated

Nay, he went three times further — a 15 and 3! Thankfully Phil gave me three times the space today so I can get even more comprehensive as you try to comprehend my tastes. I want to end on a high note.


He had heard stories about an eccentric musician and artist named Zane Campbell from up that way. Adding to the mystery, Campbell was a recluse, rarely playing shows and, in fact, rarely leaving his house. Kitchens, who at the time wrote a monthly column about country music for the Baltimore City Paper, decided to track Campbell down.

He found him in Elkton, a town of just under 16, off Interstate 95, where the local newspaper, the Cecil Whig, is named for a political party that died before the Civil War. Kitchens went to see Campbell perform in his semiregular gig.

All the February 2018 Magazine Covers We Loved and Hated

Controversial magazine covers The September cover of Interview magazine featuring Kim Kardashian West and her daughter North stirred controversy. Hide Caption 1 of 30 Photos: Controversial magazine covers Controversial magazine covers — Wired magazine has published a cover photo of NSA leaker Edward Snowden holding the American flag in both of his hands, as if protecting it from the government.

Click through the gallery to look at some other controversial magazine covers through the years: Hide Caption 2 of 30 Photos:

Controversial magazine covers

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He did hundreds of cover and interior paintings for MAMs. He also did hundreds of paperback covers and movie posters. The original Executioner series was created by Don Pendleton in

These covers can serve as object lessons for what to do and what not to do both with design and editorial. While some controversial covers have worked and sold more magazines, or won awards for the editors who made the decision to go to press with them, others were embarrassments that the publication had to either apologize for, or fire an editor over.

Here are some of the most controversial magazine covers of all time. Feel free to suggest other covers that you think should be part of this collection.

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Everything Else We Loved (and Hated) about Comics in 2017

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All the February 2018 Magazine Covers We Loved and Hated

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