Claire Foy UK Vogue November 2019


Chloe Fox meets an actress holding all the cards. We walk, Claire Foy and I, from a long, chatty lunch in Primrose Hill towards the West End, where she is due to drop off a signed contract with her agent. The brown envelope in the small hemp carrier bag she is swinging commits her to an upcoming project: By the end of this forthcoming season, which spans the years between and , the monarch will be approaching middle age and Foy will therefore, in the interests of authenticity, be replaced by an as yet unnamed older actress.

Claire Foy UK Vogue November 2019

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Claire Foy recalls breastfeeding struggle on The Crown set

Wheres the Glamour on British Vogues November Cover Starring Claire Foy?

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Wheres the Glamour on British Vogues November Cover Starring Claire Foy?

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The Crowns Claire Foy lands her first Vogue cover

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Claire Foy's unusual encounter with a fan in a chip shop -The Graham Norton Show: 2017 - BBC One

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Claire Foy Is Crowned Our November Cover Star

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The Crown's Claire Foy steps out in London debuting new bowl haircut

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Vogue (UK) - November 2017

The Crowns Claire Foy lands her first Vogue cover

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I can honestly say I loved every moment of it, warts and all. I especially enjoyed "Summer" and "Fall" - the latter felt like one big, much deserved tribute to Richard/Ed Hermann.

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