Edward Enninfuls First British Vogue Cover Is Finally Here — and Its Stunning


Why such big news? This prime position at the pinnacle of fashion represents a major coup and right now that belongs to a black, Ghanaian-born male. Edward Enninful, who was recently awarded an OBE, is quite elegantly a man of the times. His humble beginnings tell a serendipitous story.

Edward Enninfuls First British Vogue Cover Is Finally Here — and Its Stunning

Redux At first glance, the appointment of Edward Enninful as the editor in chief of British Vogue seems radical. And yet, Enninful — a year-old Ghanian-born, London-raised stylist — ticks some pretty impressive establishment boxes. Last year, he was appointed an OBE for services to diversity in fashion. And, like the majority of current Vogue staffers, has a west London pedigree, albeit Ladbroke Grove, rather than the more gentrified side of the tracks.

Who Will become the Next Editor in Chief of British Vogue? (It's Edward Enninful)

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Edward Enninful’s First British Vogue Cover Is Finally Here — and It’s Stunning!

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Edward Enninful’s First British Vogue Cover Is Finally Here — and It’s Stunning!

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Edward Enninful: An African’s dizzy rise in the fashion world explored.

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Edward Enninful Debuts His First Cover for British Vogue with Adwoa Aboah

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The 9 Best Reactions to British Vogue's Game-Changing New Direction

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Cheryl and Naomi Campbell praise Enninful’s ‘divine’ first British Vogue cover

The New British Vogue…


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Naomi Campbell and Edward Enninful Discuss 'The Seven Deadly Sins of Edward Enninful'

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Who is Edward Enninful?

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Edward Enninful’s First Vogue Cover Is An Instant Classic – Here’s Why


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Edward Enninful Named Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue

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The New British Vogue…

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British Vogue's new editor Edward Enninful unveiled the cover of the upcoming issue.

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Edward Enninful: The Purveyor Of The Next Vogue

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