Fashion Trend: Sky Blue Is the New Millennial Pink


From the moment I touched down Sunday night till the time my flight took off Thursday morning, it was a nonstop race around the exhibit hall, from showroom to showroom, jumping from seminars to cocktail parties. This year, I wore three hats at NeoCon.

These students had been nominated by their schools to participate in the annual IIDA Student Design competition and partake in the career boot camp, for which I was a panelist. Somewhere in there, I also found time to tour as many of the showrooms as possible so that I could bring all of you on my journey of inspiration though the emerging design trends.

Fashion Trend: Sky Blue Is the New Millennial Pink

New fashion labels to love in Credit: Top of our wish list is a new bag from Wandler. Dutch designer Elza Wandler creates sleek leather bags in made-you-look colour combinations lime green with a pink lining, and the best chestnut out there. What happens when a television producer and a zoologist fall in love?

How to Wear Cute Baby Blue Outfits - New Fashion Color Trend

PSA: Sky Blue Is the New Millennial Pink

This ever-so-popular color has not always been so common. In fact, much of the science and history of blue might surprise you. Speaking of Blue Sight is integral to the human experience.


Tailor made Call the help, because aprons, overskirts and maid influenced looks swept up the runway this season. Following with the army green trend seen throughout designer collections, Peter Som harnessed the housekeeper trend with a simple touch of layering. Som paired a floral screen print dress with skirt in a colour similar to Resene Chalet Green effortlessly delivering a stylish twist on a uniform silhouette.

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PSA: Sky Blue Is the New Millennial Pink

Actress Paula Abdul wearing semi-transparent black dress, curled hair and smoky eye makeup, Young woman standing on sidewalk, Uptown New Orleans, Supermodels and high fashion[ edit ] Throughout the s, supermodels dominated the fashion industry. Whether booked as individuals or as an elite group, each supermodel gained worldwide success and had great influence on the fashion industry.

Cindy Crawford was the highest paid model on the planet in per Forbes.

This LA Designer Converted Her Garage Into Her Company's Office

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Thumbnails Details at Chanel RTW Fall At Chanel, there was both classicism and currency to the mood, right down to the shoes flat boots and brogues. Because for a chic nature walk, the right footwear is crucial. They came in a range of bold primary shades and featured intricate embroideries in the form of floral motifs.

They came in the form of structured top-handle totes, cross-body styles featuring knotted straps at the front and giant backpacks in supple navy and camel leather. Silver foil, PVC, holographic sequins and crystal mesh were some of the materials he used to create head-to-toe shimmering looks.

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How to Embrace Fashions Maximalism Trend, According to Susie Bubble

Ultra Violet Pantones 2018 Colour of the Year

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Color Trends 2018 Light Pink

The Prominence of Millennial Pink In The Luxury World

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Top Trends at NeoCon 2017

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10 retro-chic puffer jackets to keep you warm this winter

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Shopping: Millennial Colors

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Runway Takeaways: Fashion Week Comes Home

What is Millennial Pink and what does it mean for interior design?

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Goodbye Millennial Pink, Hello... Sky Blue

PSA: Sky Blue Is the New Millennial Pink

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Pink Prom Dresses

More than just a Color

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Summer wedding guest dresses

Here are 10 puffer jackets that will have you falling for the born-again trend.

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From gin to amaro, spirits producers of all stripes are indulging in a pink moment.

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