Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture Spring 2018 Runway


Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Haute couture goes to new extremes in order to create waves globally. Sure the artistry and pageantry is alluring and the bevy of VIPs flanking the runway is seductive, but I have always considered haute couture to be an artificial phenomenon that creates a rigid caste system within fashion rather than a stage for democratic beauty — until now.

After the most recent summer fashion shows in Europe, I ask myself whether an artier side of couture might be creating a watershed moment in the future of a more aesthetically and culturally diverse fashion? Who are these elite couture supporters, I asked myself, and do they really have anything to do with the rest of us? Granted the price tags for these garments must be astronomical and grossly inflated in this era of economic belt tightening, but as expressions of cultural pride and imaginative ingenuity, contemporary haute couture definitely celebrates fashion as high art as well as sustaining the historic timeline of the atelier model.

Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture Spring 2018 Runway

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Iris Van Herpen

Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture Spring 2018 Runway

Image CreditClockwise from top left: Approximately 40 pieces of his work from the s to last year were on display in the gallery of his Marais headquarters — and over a thousand people Peter Marino, Marc Newson, Courtney Love, Sophie Hicks and Farida Khelfa among them crowded in to pay their respects. Naomi Campbell broke out the chilled vodka in his honor.


Materializing the Postdigital Solo exhibition, overview of all collections, Boras, Sweden in collaboration with Groninger Museum. Palace House of Orange. Berlin, Germany Iris van Herpen. Opening October 13,

Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture Spring 2018 Runway

This spring, here are the most spectacular looks to have graced the runway… Schiaparelli - Encapsulation in Feathers Credit: Classical couture shapes were counteracted by earth tones, feather embellishment and weaving, animal prints and natural images — all elevated to the artisanal heights that is couture. The collection started the week, setting the bar as this trailblazing design house always has.

It was a fitting tribute to the pagan collection, that Schiaparelli had created, whilst maintaining a modern twist.

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Paris Haute Couture Week 2018: Day 1

Christian Dior Couture

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Iris Van Herpen’s couture 3D printing stars in Paris Fashion Week 2018

Iris Van Herpen

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Paris Haute Couture S/S 2018: Iris Van Herpen


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Paris Haute Couture S/S 2018: Giambattista Valli

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Iris van Herpen Haute Couture Spring 2018

Is Haute Couture the New Diversity in Fashion?

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Iris Van Herpen

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Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week
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Iris Van Herpen | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2018 Full Show | Exclusive - Fashion TV

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Iris Van Herpen


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