John Galliano Spring 2018 Runway


Articles Brampton, Sally, "Capital Collections: John Galliano," in Elle London , March Coleman, Alix, "Viva Galliano! Filmer, Deny, "Designer Focus:

John Galliano Spring 2018 Runway

This young genius moved with his family to Streatham in southern London in From the moment he graduated in , Galliano has been making huge splashes in the fashion industry. His graduating collection was history making.

John Galliano

John Galliano Spring 2018 Runway

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John Galliano Spring 2018 Runway

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John Galliano RTW Fall 2018

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John Galliano RTW Spring 2018

JOHN GALLIANO Spring Summer 1994 Paris - Fashion Channel

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John Galliano

Fashion. Beauty. Business.

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Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2011 Couture

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Christian Dior

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  1. John Galliano moves his design team to Paris.
  2. John Galliano credits his cultural roots to much of his inspiration for his creativity.
  3. This fascination for period detail and adaptation of traditional styles into highly contemporary pieces has continued throughout his work.
  4. Edwardian elegance, the surrealist movement, the Soviet or Red Guard, the movie The Matrix, or classic English sportsmen have all been at play in Galliano collections.
  5. His constant innovation and unique perspectives on history and timeless cultures gave him an edge that it seems no one could catch up to.
  6. He launched his first perfume, his watches, began designing his own accessories, kids wear, and kids shoes.

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John Galliano RTW Fall 2018

Spring 2018

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John Galliano

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John Galliano Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2017 Paris

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Fashion. Beauty. Business.


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Fashion. Beauty. Business.


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John Galliano

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John Galliano

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