Kate Middleton Wedding Dress (Photos): The Royal Wedding Gown


Her veil was made of layers of soft ivory silk tulle with a trim of hand-embroidered flowers, and fell to just below her waist. The public got their first tantalising glimpse of the dress as Kate left the Goring Hotel at The dress was made with Individual flowers hand-cut from lace and hand-engineered onto ivory silk tulle, with button detailing on the lace sleeves Ten minutes later they were treated to the full creation as Kate climbed from her car — bringing to an end one of the best-kept secrets in fashion history and catapulting the relatively obscure but much talked about designer Sarah Burton into the limelight.

From fleeting glimpses, they appeared to be closed-toe court shoes with heels around two and a half inches high and a lace embroidery pattern to match the trim of the dress.

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress (Photos): The Royal Wedding Gown

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. While the strapless look is popular with many celebrity brides, this is a royal bride, and that transcends mere celebrity. This means no strapless styles, no spaghetti straps, and no to anything that exposes the shoulders or too low-cut. If you look at previous royal bridal dresses , every one of them features sleeves.

Official Royal Wedding Photos Released Kate Middleton + Prince William Wedding HQ Photos

Royal Wedding: Kate Middleton Wore Alexander McQueen to Marry Prince William

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Royal Wedding: Kate Middleton Wore Alexander McQueen to Marry Prince William

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A Traditional Royal Wedding, but for the 3 Billion Witnesses

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Alexander McQueen Responds to Royal Wedding Dress Lawsuit

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Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Is Still Talked About Today — Learn All About Her Gown!

Valentino Royal Brides

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Kate's Royal Wedding Look: The Dress, The Veil, The Tiara and More

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Kate Middleton's wedding dress: A closer look at the Alexander McQueen creation



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Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Is Still Talked About Today — Learn All About Her Gown!
21 Questions With... Style Expert and TV Host Lilliana VazquezLuna Spain December 2019 look at sapphire-fashion.eu.

Daphne Groeneveld ELLE Brazil August 2019 — http://sapphire-fashion.eu/hair/daphne-groeneveld-elle-brazil-august-2019.php

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Meghan Markle Doesn't Want Her Wedding Dress to Upstage Kate Middleton's (Exclusive)

15 Most Gorgeous Royal Wedding Gowns of All Time

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Royal Wedding Dresses: The Bad and the Beautiful (PHOTOS)

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Kate Middleton Wore a Second, Lesser Known Dress on Her Wedding Day

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Who will design Meghan Markle's wedding dress?

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More Meghan Markle News:

Kate Middleton Royal Wedding reception dress

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Princess Diana’s wedding dress


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