Meet Elena, Disneys (Overdue) Latina Princess


Tonight, Elena of Avalor premieres on Disney Channel and Disney Junior, amidst a swarm of excitement and anticipation. This is, after all, the first Disney royal inspired by Latin culture. A couple of weeks ago I took a trip to the Elena offices, to learn all about how this amazing new series came to life. While there I found out just how the team assembled a new princess worthy of the lineage, how Avalor was created, and the surprising Disney-based inspiration for the feel of the show.

Meet Elena, Disneys (Overdue) Latina Princess

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Meet Disney’s First Latina Princess, Elena of Avalor

Meet Elena, Disney’s (Overdue) Latina Princess

She is the oldest princess and the current Ruler of Avalor , but before she can become Queen she must rule as the Crown Princess. She is additionally accompanied by a trio of comedic, flying jaquins that double as her friends and mode of transportation, as well as the wise spirit fox Zuzo , whom only she can see on her own free will, as a result of her magical abilities.

Personality Elena has the heart and mind of a true leader.


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Meet Elena, Disney’s (Overdue) Latina Princess

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Elena of Avalor: Celebrations To Remember

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Princess Elena

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Aimee Carrero Is The First Latina Disney Princess And She's Here!

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Sorry, Disney's New Princess Elena Probably Doesn't Count As Latina

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Meet Disney's First Latina Princess!

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Disney Channel Introduces a New Princess—and a New Leader


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Elena of Avalor, Disney's first Latina-inspired princess, makes her TV debut

Disney’s First Latina Princess Will Appear On Television, Not Film

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Disney's First Latina Princess Will Wear a Dress Designed by a Latina ‘Project Runway’ Alum


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Inside Look at Disney's First Latina Princess

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Elena of Avalor: Celebrations To Remember

19 thoughts on “Disney World sets Princess Elena of Avalor meet and greet start date”

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Meet Elena, Disney's new 16-year-old Latina princess who is her own champion

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