Plus-Size Style Blogger Tanesha Awasthi on Dressing With Confidence


The only flaw that needs to be fixed is the antiquated notion that your body is a problem that needs to be solved. Check out how the following rule-breakers rock these sartorial taboos and then join the fashion revolution! For more ways to Fuck the Fashion Rules, click here. But regardless of any optical illusion those lines could create, the point of expressing your style and wearing what you want is not about trying to make yourself appear as skinny as possible.

Liz Black from P.

Plus-Size Style Blogger Tanesha Awasthi on Dressing With Confidence

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Girl With Curves Fall 2017 Runway Show at NYFW

Plus-Size Style Blogger Tanesha Awasthi on How to Dress With Confidence

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Plus-Size Style Blogger Tanesha Awasthi on How to Dress With Confidence

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Here's Proof You Can *Totally* Wear White After Labor Day

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Say Goodbye To These Plus-Size Rules

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7 Incredible Plus Size Fashion Bloggers You Should Be Following

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Cool News! Girl With Curves Drops Her Dia & Co Collection today!

Take a look at Simply Emma Fall Collection featuring Girl With Curves

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These Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers Are Revolutionizing the Style Game

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  1. The modern crop looks killer when paired with high-rise skirts and pants, allowing you to show just a sexy sliver of skin.
  2. Cindy Pineda of Cidscloset goes for a more modern look by pairing her crop top with edgy high-waisted pants.
  3. Marie Southard Ospina from Migg Mag proves that not all plus-size bikinis have to be high-waisted Ч her low-rise bikini exposes her belly button something that seems rare in plus swimwear and allows her curves to shine.
  4. Only Swimsuit Models Can Pull Off Bikinis Plus-size swimwear is no longer only giant flowers and skirted swimsuits Ч thanks to revolutionary bloggers like Gabifresh, there are more stylish options than ever before.
  5. Avoid White Clothes Once you get over the fear of spilling something on yourself, you, too, can look wonderful in white.

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First Look: Simply Emma featuring Girl With Curves, Tanesha Awasthi

Tanesha Ferguson Awasthi: Fashion through her blog

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Curve Appeal: Fashion is taking note of plus-size women


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Tanesha Ferguson Awasthi: Fashion through her blog

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These Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers Are Revolutionizing the Style Game

Are indie brands the answer for plus-size fashion?

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Here's Proof You Can *Totally* Wear White After Labor Day

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7 Incredible Plus Size Fashion Bloggers You Should Be Following

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Take a look at Simply Emma Fall Collection featuring Girl With Curves


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