Tom Ford Spring 2018 Runway: Big Shoulders Are Back


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Tom Ford Spring 2018 Runway: Big Shoulders Are Back

New York Fashion Week Fall: And the power suit. Pop of colourful shoes, white boots very 80s style, tiny sunglasses, less prints, because everything is very clean, mature, sophisticated. At least so far it feels as if fashion took a massive step forward and decided to be more serious in a very fun and simple sort of way.


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Dynasty-Worthy Shoulder Pads Are Back via the Tom Ford Spring 2018 Runway

Courtesy of Thom Browne In one of the most dynamic runway shows last fall, Thom Browne ended his Paris presentation with a model dressed in white guiding an enormous unicorn puppet. Two dancers, padded like marshmallows, had opened the show, flitting and twirling across the wooden floor of the majestic City Hall.

In between, models crept precariously atop daunting heels in exquisite attire one could never wear to the neighborhood market.


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Dynasty-Worthy Shoulder Pads Are Back via the Tom Ford Spring 2018 Runway

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Tom Ford: What's Next

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Tom Ford, Don’t Call It a Comeback

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These Are The 12 Takeaway Trends From Fashion Week Spring Summer '18

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For Tom Ford, the real runway is the red carpet

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These Are The 12 Takeaway Trends From Fashion Week Spring Summer '18

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Tom Ford, Don’t Call It a Comeback

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Tom Ford: What's Next

Fashion styles

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#NYFWNOIR: The Black Models Of NYFW Day 1

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See Hot Male Models Stripped Down to Their Underwear at Tom Ford

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Tom Ford Loses His Cool

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