What to wear to a wedding in the fall, winter and spring of 2019


When shopping for winter wedding outfits, keep an eye out for head-to-toe sequins or luxe, jewel-toned fabrics like emerald green, ruby and royal blue. Wedding guest dresses made of heavy fabrics, like tweed or velvet, will keep you warm during a chilly evening celebration.

Pair a shorter dress with opaque black tights and closed-toe pumps. Men should follow similar guidelines and shop for a dark-colored wool suit to keep warm and stylish.

What to wear to a wedding in the fall, winter and spring of 2019

Pin It The dress is most famous garment of the female wardrobe. Moreover, this statement can be attributed equally to summer fashion season, and to the winter. Millions of women opt for dresses because they are practical, comfortable and universal.


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Selection criteria appropriate to the guests outfits

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Selection criteria appropriate to the guests outfits

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Wedding Guest Attire Guidelines

what to wear to a wedding girlfriend?

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What should I wear to a wedding when my partner is best man?

Autumn-Winter 2018-2019 Ready-to-Wear Show - Video of the Show

What to wear to a wedding mother of the groom or the mother of the bride: What to wear to a friends wedding?

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What to wear to a wedding mother of the groom or the mother of the bride: What to wear to a friends wedding?
Trendy Dresses Fall-Winter 2018-2019

What to wear on wedding winter 2018?

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What to wear on wedding winter 2018?
The Bridal Hairstyles And Makeup Trends For Fall 2018 2019

What to wear to a wedding in the spring or summer?


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What to wear to a wedding in the spring or summer?
What to Wear to a Wedding: Wedding Outfits for Men and Women
Carey Mulligan Vogue Australia January 2018Anna Spring 2018 Runway look at sapphire-fashion.eu.

Cara Delevingne Trades Chanel for Christian Dior Cosmetics — http://sapphire-fashion.eu/manicure/cara-delevingne-trades-chanel-for-christian-dior-cosmetics.php

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10 Dress Styles to Wear to a Wedding

  • For a chic and easy casual option, go with a simple shirtdress.
  • This fun and flirty patterned Tory Burch mini is perfect for a casual wedding.
  • Go simple with this summery shift dress that can be worn time and time again.
  • The whimsical patterns on this dress are totally beach wedding ready.
  • Also try dressing in layers:
  • Rubber flip-flops are not okay unless provided to you by the bride and groom, so stick to leather sandals or T-strap flats.
  • The choice is so enormous, that it might still please even the most discerning fashionistas.

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Winter Velvet Dresses Designs Latest Trends Collection 2018-19

How to Dress for Any Occasion

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Men, Here's What to Wear to a Wedding as a Guest

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Gorgeous Mother-of-the-Bride (and Groom) Dresses From Real Weddings

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Winter Velvet Dresses Designs Latest Trends Collection 2018-2019

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Cut and design

Need help selecting a wedding venue? Check out our tips.


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Woah: Marc Jacobs Might Be Leaving Marc JacobsDesign 2018: fashion trends look at sapphire-fashion.eu.

Best Athleisure Beauty Products for Women Who Work Out — http://sapphire-fashion.eu/wedding/best-athleisure-beauty-products-for-women-who-work-out.php

Rule 2: Your attire should coordinate with your partner’s.

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What to Wear to a Wedding: Wedding Outfits for Men and Women

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